Pretty In Pink Wax


Pretty In Pink


The Pretty In Pink Wax is formulated extra creamy. This beautiful, cotton candy wax contains a blend of polymers for flexibility and control. Smooth texture, easy to apply. A pliable wax, not brittle. Extra Creamy for those extra sensitive areas. Perfect for face waxes. Eyebrows, Lips, Chin, and underarms! The extra creamy formula goes on super smooth and dries just as quickly as our Signature Wax. Not to mention it is the perfect bubble gum pink color!

2lb Resealable bags

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Gum rosin, Glycerol ester rosin, EVA copolymer, White NTC-68757, Rosso Rubin 71536/5, Blue MDN-1034

no parabens no sulfates

Can be used by professionals and non professionals


Customer Reviews

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Angel Richardson
Pretty In Pink Wax

I love the pink wax. Picks up hair really good.

Best wax experience!

I haven’t shaved or waxed in 6 months but I was able to wax with no pain. My skin was so soft afterwards! They have gained a loyal customer for sure!

Glow Bare Esthetics
Pretty Pink Wax

My clients love it , & so I do I ; I definitely love the texture of this wax more than the gel based kinds because of the way it glides on & sticks to even the shortest of hairs which helps me do my service with less strips!

CyKari Ellout

Pretty In Pink Wax

Pretty in Pink

Love this wax and so do my clients! No problems at all! It’s my favorite color, pulls all hairs and leaves the body smooth! Only thing is I wish they had wholesale or maybe a subscription for the professionals!