Black Allure Wax

$45.00 USD

The Sophisticated Wax

The award winning Black Allure Wax is a sophisticated wax. It’s beautiful and strong.  It has a more controlled spread with awesome grip! It is a metallic cream wax that grasps the finest and coarsest hairs. Loaded with titanium dioxide, Various emollients leaves the skin hydrated. With extra long polymer chains this wax is easy to apply and remove. 

This wax is perfect for deeply rooted hair, courser hair and especially men since their hair tends to be naturally thicker than most women. This wax will tightly grab the hair and remove it. Giving our clients an ALMOST PAINLESS wax experience is what we live by and these two waxes will do the same. Just like our Signature Hard Wax this wax only adheres to the hair not the skin providing you with the LEAST PAINFUL WAX possible. 

2lb Resealable  Bags

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Gum rosin, Glycerol ester rosin, EVA copolymer, Rosso Rubin 71536/5, Blue MDN-1034

no parabens no sulfates

Can be used by professionals and non professionals

Customer Reviews

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LOVE IT!!!!!!

Kiara Bankhead
Really Good Wax

I’ve been using this company wax for a few years. I wax myself at home. I have no complaints at all. I love it


The absolute best wax ever!

Tara Whitaker aka Leader Of the Wax Gang

I recently competed in a international wax competition with the Black Allure Wax!! This was is amazing!! I glides on the skin smoothly & it's quick drying & removes easily! Because of this wax I won Brazilian Wax Artist of the year in The Skin Games! So this wax made me A Award Winning Waxer & in turn Pretty Girls Get Waxed Black Allure Wax is now a Award Winning Wax!! I definitely recommend this wax! It's perfection ❤️

Ashley Goodman

Black Allure Wax