Pretty Girls Get Waxed is a Professional, Trendy, Fun Full Body Waxing Center. We provide quality hair removal without the pain and hassle, featuring our very own Signature Hard Wax that was created by our founder. Our wax centers employee the best licensed professionals to not only deliver superb service but to educate our clients on proper skincare. Our First location is based out of Memphis, Tn. and we are open 7 days a week for your convenience.




Our online store is for everyone who wants to enjoy The Pretty Girl Experience! You are able to purchase the wax, our skincare line, merchandise, and waxing supplies for your personal or professional use. we ship worldwide! At the moment we do not offer wholesale, however we are working on that option for our professionals!



Kei who is a licensed Esthetician of 10 years created a frenzy with her Almost painless waxing techniques and super fast brazilian waxes and quickly became "Home of the 7 Minute Brazilian". She has taken that and created a physical and online store to service clients and professionals all around the world! After years in the business and listening to clients complain of waxing being painful, Kei knew if she could minimize the pain associated with waxing, she could maximize the amount of people waxing.  People with coarser hair seemed to be complaining the most of pain. If there was a wax that was tailored to courser hair but still worked perfectly on softer, thinner hair all clients would be more tolerable and happy about waxing. Kei set out to find the perfect wax for her clientele. Never finding the perfect formula, she decided to create her own. A hard wax that adhere's to the hair and not the skin to provide an ALMOST PAINLESS experience. Her Signature Hard Wax is born! Our Signature Hard Wax along with our Exfoliating Skincare Line is available in house as well as online for everyone to experience!